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Cornell 2000.jpg

Growth of Cornell University 1865 - 2015

Cornell University is celebrating its sesquicentennial in 2015.  This video show 150 years of the Ithaca, NY campus growth in 120 seconds.  The buildings are color-coded by decade of construction, with the colors running through the spectrum.  Red is the 1860s, red with black trim is the 1870s, orange is the 1880s, orange with black trim is the 1890s, and so on up to violet for the 1980s and violet with black trim for the 1990s, then indigo and red for the 2000s and violet and red for the 2010s.  And that's the Cornell Glee Club singing the Alma Mater on the soundtrack.

Growth of Cornell University's Ithaca, NY campus from 1865 to 2015, in 120 seconds.

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