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National History Day

Welcome, participants in the 2015 National History Day!

History in Motion enables you to embed in your NHD web site animated historical scenarios relevant to your project on the theme of Leadership & Legacy in History.

Here are some of the 2015 sample topics, with ideas of how an animated scenario could help you make your argument:

  • Charlemagne’s Conquest and its Impact on European Architecture:  Growth of Charlemagne’s empire over time
  • Globalization of McDonalds: American Corporations Leading the World’s Economy: Spread of McDonalds from country to country
  • Drawing Boundaries: Thomas Jefferson’s Land Ordinances and the Settling of the American West: Spread of western settlements over time, showing lands where different Native American tribes originally lived
  • Pancho Villa: Leading Northern Mexico: Villa’s battle locations and timing
  • Toussaint L ’Overture: Leading the World’s Only Successful Slave Rebellion: Battles and other key events in the slave rebellion
  • Nora Zeale Hurston and the Harlem Renaissance: Where key personalities lived in Harlem, and when they arrived; locations of important Harlem Renaissance institutions
  • Simon Bolivar and Gran Columbia: Leading the Fight for Independence from Spain: Key battles and events in the fight for independence
  • Emiliano Zepata: Leadership for “Reforma, Libertad Ley y Justicia”: Key events in the Mexican Revolution
  • Emmeline Pankhurst: Leading a Militant Struggle for Suffrage in Great Britain: Dates and locations of suffragette protests and civil disobedience
  • Vladimir Lenin: Leading the Russian Revolution: Key events in the Bolshevik takeover of Russia
  • The Three Leaders: Mazzini, Garibaldi, Cavour and the Unification of Italy: Key battles and events of the unification struggle
  • Bacon’s Rebellion and the Growth of Slavery in Colonial Virginia: Locations and timings of events in the rebellion
  • Invoking the Power of the Federal Government: Grover Cleveland and the Pullman Strike of 1894: Events of the strike as its effects spread over time
  • Linking Europe, Africa, and Asia: Ferdinand de Lesseps and the Construction of the Suez Canal: Path and timing of the creation of the canal
  • The Marshall Plan: The Economic Legacy of World War II: Key events in post-WWII Europe that affected the decision to assist Europe
  • Finland and Norway: Leading the Resistance to the Soviet Invasion in World War II: Progress of the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Leading the Charge to Build the Panama Canal: Growth of the canal from first shovel of dirt to first ship through the canal
  • Ulysses S. Grant: Leading the Campaign to Take the Mississippi River: Path of Grant’s campaign, with key battles
  • Leading the Fight Against Communism: Matthew Ridgway and the Korean War: Movements of the forces during the Korean War
  • Following the Catholic Church’s Lead: The Crusades: Gathering of the Crusader armies throughout Europe and their path to the Holy Land
  • Isabella, Ferdinand, and the Spanish Reconquista: Key battles of the Reconquista
  • Tecumseh and the Western Confederacy: Leading the Battle Against Westward Expansion: Gradual encroachment of Americans on Indian lands, and resulting battles
  • Elizabeth Bisland and Nelly Bly: Leading the Way for Female Journalists by Racing Around the World: Paths of Bisland and Bly as they raced around the globe
  • The Southern Christian Leadership Conference: Leading the Civil Rights Movement: Key events and conflicts of the Civil Rights struggle (Montgomery bus boycott, Freedom Riders, etc.)

For many of these scenarios, historical maps exist that can easily be loaded into History in Motion.  Find out more about locating and loading historical maps here.

Once you develop a scenario, you can embed it directly in your Weebly web site template using HiM's File/Permalink command, or you can use a free tool like Screencast-O-Matic to make a movie of the scenario with your own narration (or use Soundflower or VB-Audio Virtual Audio Cable to capture music and sound effects played through your computer's speakers).  See the examples to get an idea of how both movies and embedded scenarios look.