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How-To Videos

It's easy to get started with History in Motion.  These videos walk you step-by-step through all its features.

  • Creating an account and logging in is a one-time, simple procedure.
  • The videos in the Scenarios section show how to create and edit scenarios, the "containers" that organize events and timelines.  This includes adding sound tracks to scenarios and timelines.
  • The Maps section shows where to find historical maps and how to prepare them for and upload them to History in Motion.  Any image file of a map can be used in HiM -- it's very easy!
  • The Events videos cover all aspects of creating and editing History in Motion events.
  • The Timelines videos show how to use timelines to control and navigate through the flow of historical time.
  • The Miscellaneous section has videos showing how to import, manage, and use icons; and share scenarios using permalinks.

Creating an account and logging in

Creating an account and logging in


How to create a scenario, whether using a historical or a current map
How to edit, rename, copy, save, delete, and open scenarios.

Adding sound to scenarios and timelines.


What are geocoded maps; where to obtain historical maps; where to obtain a free geocoding tool

How to use a free geocoding tool to prepare and upload historical maps


Creating, locating, and naming a point event
Adding formatted text, images, and links to describe the event
Specifying historical dates and times
Common errors in creating events, and how to fix them.
Creating and animating path events
Creating and animating area events
How to edit and delete events
Synchronize the map and timelines with newly created or changed events


Controlling the flow of historical time
How to change the way the historical time is displayed
How to move forward and backward through time

Miscellaneous: Icons and Permalinks

How to import, manage, and use icons for events

How to share scenarios with other people